Account Managers – Reservations or General Information

Each Vacation Club Owners is assigned an Account Manager based on the first letter of the owner’s last name.

Owners with last names beginning with letters A-H: Please contact Alana Sowers at  231-533-3151 or email Alana
at: Alana@ShantyCreekVacationClub.com .

Owners with last names beginning with letters I – P: Please contact Gayle Folker at 231-533-3167 or email Gayle at: Gayle@ShantyCreekVacationClub.com .

Owners with last names beginning with letters Q – Z: Please contact Sherry O’Connor at  231-533-3174 or email Sherry
at: Sherry@ShantyCreekVacationClub.com.

Vonda Manga
Director of Lodging

Accounting – Payments, Budget/Tax Information, or Collection Policy

To make a payment on your account, or if you have billing or association dues questions, please contact Accounting.  Accounting is available Monday through Friday from 8am – 3:45 pm.

Tamara Lacy at 231-533-3194 or email: Tamara@ShantyCreekVacationClub.com .

2015 Annual Meeting

Owner Services

Matt Payne
Director of Owner Services

Dan Payne
Inventory Management


Deed Transfer

Important information for all owners considering a deed transfer: On January 16, 2009 an amendment was recorded for the Shanty Creek Schuss Mountain Vacation Plan Use Management Trust Agreement.

Review the Recorded Amendment
Letter to All Owners
Affidavit of Good Faith
2nd Amendment 2nd Restatement

FAQ’s – Frequently Asked Questions – Click Here

Owner’s Manual

The Vacation Club Owner’s Manual is available for download in PDF format. Please contact your Account Manager for alternative formats if required. To download the PDF version click here.

Member Login

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Points and Credits Chart

Click here to view the Points and Credits chart for Vacation Club Owners.


Vacation Club Lodging Levels

Click here to view the Vacation Club Lodging Levels.