RCI & Exchange Guests

For questions regarding unit amenities,  or Check-In Procedures, please contact the Vacation Club Front Desk at 888-275-0100 or email: .

If on an RCI exchange and you have questions or concerns regarding changing the size or location of your unit, arrival or departure dates, or accessibility of your unit, please contact RCI directly at:

RCI Weeks Assistance: 800-338-7777
RCI Points Assistance: 877-968-7476

Vacation Club does not own or operate the ski hills or trails, lift ticket kiosks, Health Club/Fitness Center, or restaurants at the Shanty Creek Lakeview Hotel. Questions or concerns regarding those should be directed to Shanty Creek at 800-678-4111.

Vacation Club Owners

To make a payment on your account, or if you have billing or association dues questions, please contact Tamara Lacy in Accounting at 231-533-3194 or email her at: .

Tamara is available Monday – Friday from 8am – 3:45pm.

For reservations or general information, please contact your individual Account Manager. Account Managers are determined by the first letter of the owner’s last name.

Owners with last names beginning with letters A-H: Please contact Jessie Rex at 231-533-3145 or email Jessie at: .

Owners with last names beginning with letters I – P: Please contact Gayle Folker at 231-533-3167 or email Gayle at: .

Owners with last names beginning with letters Q – Z: Please call at 231-533-8123

Vonda Manga
Director of Lodging


Owner Services

Matt Payne
Director of Owner Services

Dan Payne
Inventory Management


Real Estate

For questions regarding real estate opportunities, please contact Vacation Properties Network at 231-533-8668.